What Sets BlueClerk Apart

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Bridging the gap between builders and service providers

A simple, streamlined solution to create service requests.Β  Empowering service providers and contractors with the right information from the beginning to get the job done faster, and more efficiently.


What Sets BlueClerk Apart

Transforming Home Warranty Management

BlueClerk is designed specifically for the new housing industry.Β  Unlike most CRM’s which have a wide range features, BlueClerk has zeroed in on the housing industry’s specific needs.Β  BlueClerk knows that a PO is a staple of any job and task.Β  With unique features such as requiring PO’s for scheduling jobs and emailing PO requests, BlueClerk speeds up the process of scheduling jobs and keeping customers happy.

How it works

Service Provider receives work order

Effortless Work Management, One Scan at a Time

Builder creates a request via

mobile app for the work to be scheduled

Homeowner requests warranty work

Service Provider creates invoice from job report,

sends to builder

Contractor records notes, and pictures,

and updates via mobile app

Service Provider schedules with


How BlueClerk Works

Effortless Work Management, One Scan at a Time

Streamlined Work Orders

Managers can effortlessly review work and generate precise work orders.

Record All Tasks

From repairs and maintenance to diagnostics, capture various tasks effortlessly.

Smart Scheduling

Utilize GPS-enabled scheduling for efficient updates.


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SMS Messaging

Β When jobs are scheduled and completed *SMS to builder, and homeowner


Β PO requests, job reports, and invoices can be emailed right to the builder

Offline use

The mobile app can be utilized even when technicians are without service in remote areas

Vendor/Contractor management

Reporting for each vendor on jobs and cost management

Route Management

Technicianss can route jobs in order of completion and users can see their status in real time

Seamless Data

Shared data allows the job address and subdivision to show the same across all user types

What our



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Chris Norton

BlueClerk helps our repair techs log work and view history. When it comes to repairing fitness equipment, you never know what the last person did. Scanning a tag and viewing history creates a safer environment for our technicians.

Owner, Norton Fitness

Jason Jackson

BlueClerk software has helped me save time by logging work with my customers. Whenever I perform work on a unit that someone else worked on previously, it saves time by pulling the history up with just one scan. Additionally, this keeps me in a safer environment

Owner, Jackson HVAC